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Freelance Recruiting vs Traditional Recruiting

Updated: 4 days ago

What have we covered?

  • Introduction to Freelance Recruiting vs Traditional Recruiting: A Comparative Analysis on

  • Evolution of Recruitment Methods

  • Cost Efficiency and Flexibility

  • Speed and Time-to-Hire

  • Expertise and Specialization

  • Scalability and Project-Based Hiring

  • Wrapping it up…

  • FAQs

Introduction to Freelance Recruiting vs Traditional Recruiting: A Comparative Analysis on Splitle

Long time ago, things at the job market were rather messy. When hunting for jobs was a difficult task and employees found their hard work unrewarding. Now, the ground reality is entirely different for freelance recruiting vs Traditional Recruiting, because recruitment is the game changer.

Recruitment has indeed made finding jobs easier and more efficient. It has brought us to the time where one can blind-folded trust the feeling of being rewarded and accepted.

Another helping hand in this process are the “Recruitment Agencies”.

Recruitment Agencies work towards bridging the wide gap of the best suited employees and the good job opportunities. It fulfils the requirement of an employee and the vacancies of the corporates, one candidate at a time.

And to find the best one that caters you to your best suited job is – Splitle.

Splitle is a recruitment helping hand that supports your dreams and expectations and work towards reaching your career goals.

Splitle has helped several many aspirants and corporates, and we work dedicatedly to serve many others.

Now, over time, recruitment has developed into two types:

  1. Freelance Recruiting

  2. Traditional Recruiting

  • Freelance Recruiting- Freelance is the steaming hot word of the era! Freelance Recruiting has solved problems of several recruiters who wish to work alongside their regular jobs. Freelance Recruiting has been accepted pretty well by the job market as well.

  • Traditional Recruiting- The traditional recruiting has been in the existence since recruitment was born. It has been solving the majority of the job market’s issues since the very beginning. In some corporate businesses, traditional recruiting is still in practice.

Freelance Recruiting vs Traditional recruiting

Evolution of Recruitment Methods

The Evolution of Recruitment Methods has been in talks since as old as the Alexander the Great!

Recruitment has always been an ever-changing topic. And with time, advancements have been witnessed in this industry.

From the days where word of mouth and personal references were just getting started and today, where we utilize the artificial intelligence for recruiting, we have seen the drastic evolution of recruitment methods.

Well, there’s much more coming ahead, who knows?

Cost Efficiency and Flexibility

Well, the first and foremost forte of the recruitment arena should be cost efficiency and flexibility.

As a freelance recruiter, we cannot ignore the fact that it has better monetary benefits. Traditional on the other hand lacks this. How? Freelance Recruiting enables one to have lower overhead costs, it enables flexibility.

Freelancing makes both working and rewarding convenient. Well, we all know that feeling.

Splitle helps you find your way through freelance recruitment easily and effectively.

Splitle ensures you are readily rewarded for your hard work, and hence, we provide you with guaranteed commissions! We strive to give you flexibility and freedom to work on your own terms.

How to begin your Freelance Recruiting?

Speed and Time-to-Hire

We all need it don’t we? Speed and time?

As a freelance recruiter, you get the best of both worlds- Speed and Time.

Working on hiring projects can be a win-win situation for the freelancers as it is both fast and efficient.

Other than that, Freelance recruiters enjoy the benefit of not working traditionally 9 to 5. They enjoy working on their own terms, being their own boss!

Working as a traditional recruiter not only holds you down to sit through the 9 to 5 job responsibility, it also slows down your progression. Traditional recruiter also tends to fall back in candidate placements; Freelance Recruitment enables one to focus particularly on a project, one at a time, which benefits them to focus with perfection, indirectly leading to faster placement results.

Expertise and Specialization

When it comes to Expertise, hiring professionals from expert fields is feasible not only for the organizations but also the professionals. Why? Because working on one project at a time is better.

Specialization too, is a forte of the freelancers again. Traditional 9 to 5 workaholics lack this arena of professionalism.

Freelance Recruiters also have a wider access to networking and talent pools that leads to further better networking and hence, better recruitment.

Isn’t it better? Of course it is!

Find your expertise in recruitment with us. Tap here!

Why traditional recruitment methods lack?

Scalability and Project-Based Hiring

Thinking of the organizations, what makes it better? It’s work force.

A good work force means a skilled people who know their work. And freelancing makes that happen. How? Imagine you own a company, you want to retrieve the maximum revenue possible, isn’t it?

So, in order to achieve that we want the best resources, and the best people! Freelancing is the way!

Traditional Recruiting doesn’t give you that.

Project based hiring has several advantages like-

  • You can adjust the number of employees as per your requirements.

  • You can hire part-time specialized professionals.

  • You can get flexible staffs that can adapt to varying demands of your projects.

Why is a perfect Side Hustle for recruiters?

Wrapping it up…


Traditional ways of recruiting have had their magic into the recruiting industry for quite a long time. That’s not even a question. But as time passed by, our thinking caps were on and we speculated that we really needed a step towards a rather more convenient and efficient way of recruiting, for both the organizations and the employees.

Freelance recruiting was the way! With freelancing, we explored how it benefits us with several ways, be it:

  • Cost Efficiency and Flexibility

  • Speed and Time-to-Hire

  • Expertise and Specialization

  • Scalability and Project-Based Hiring

And we still hope for more in near future. To explore the vastness of recruitment agency, we need to hang on!

FAQs: -

1. Who should prefer Freelance Recruitment?

Freelance Recruitment is for those who want to enjoy the freedom to work from home alongside their regular jobs. This is a good way for people who want to seek extra income.

2. What are the key features of to watch out in Recruitment?

Key features to watch out in Recruitment are: -

  • Cost Efficiency and Flexibility

  • Speed and Time-to-Hire

  • Expertise and Specialization

  • Scalability and Project-Based Hiring

3. How does Splitle help to leverage your recruitment game?

Splitle help to leverage your recruitment game by:

• receiving 4k-20k USD commissions when the referred candidates hired.

• a wide array of job opportunities to choose from across various industries.

• the flexibility and independence to work.

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