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Showcase Your Recruitment Strategies for Construction Companies

Key Insights of Recruitment in Construction Industry

Splitle is your platform for showcasing your expertise in sourcing candidates for the construction companies. What’s more? When your candidate lands the job, you earn up to 60% commissions.

Construction Key

In 2022, the construction sector must seek an extra workforce of approximately 650,000 employees in addition to its standard hiring rate to address the heightened labor demand. This projection is based on a model devised by the Associated Builders and Contractors.

As reported by the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the labor pool within the construction companies saw a 2% expansion during the first quarter of 2023, and the construction sector continues to maintain a notably low unemployment rate of 3.5%.

According to data from St. Louis FRED, the cost of hiring construction workers has gone up by 5.8% when we compare it to the same time last year.  

Challenges & Approaches in Recruitment in Construction Industry


Clients Expectations & Recruiter’s Approach

Explore the unique challenges of clients and strategies for successful placement in the construction industry, ensuring you find the right talent for the clients.

Candidates Challenges & Skills Required in Construction Industry

Discover the challenges and considerations when pursuing a career in the Construction sector, including skills required, job satisfaction, and more.


Browse Construction Jobs Across Various Departments

The construction industry is diverse and comprises various departments and job roles. Here are the top departments in the construction industry along with the top job roles in each department.

Building Long-Term Partnerships


We want to make sure that our clients’ staffing needs are successfully met with the best candidates so that they keep coming back to Splitle for their hiring needs. At the same time, we’re able to provide our you with continuous opportunities to earn commissions

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Ensuring Legal Compliance

With our rigorous review process after the candidate is submitted, we take all necessary steps to ensure candidates are legally eligible to work in the construction industry, safeguarding the clients from compliance issues.

Browse our manufacturing job listings now and reach out to us for expert support.

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