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Showcase Your Pharmaceutical Industry Recruitment Expertise


Pharma Industry Growth Key Insights

Splitle is your platform for highlighting your recruitment expertise in sourcing top-notch candidates for the pharmaceutical industry. Better yet, when your candidate secures the job, you earn up to 60% commissions. 


The administrative sector in the United States is poised for significant expansion. By 2030, the administrative job market is projected to experience substantial growth, fueled by technological advancements and evolving business needs. 

Market segmentation includes various specialized areas such as executive assistants, office managers, administrative assistants, virtual assistants, and human resources professionals, among others. 

Challenges & Approaches in Recruitment Process in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Clients Expectations & Recruiter’s Approach

Explore the unique challenges of clients and strategies for successful recruitment in the pharmaceutical sector, ensuring you find the right talent for your clients. 

Candidates Challenges & Skills Required in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Discover the challenges and considerations when pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical sector, including advancements in medical technology, regulatory compliance, and specialized skill development. 


Browse Pharmaceutical Industry Jobs Across Various Departments 

In the pharmaceutical industry, various departments play crucial roles in ensuring quality patient care. Here are the top departments and key job roles in each department.

Research & Development (R&D)

  • Research Scientist 

  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA) 

  • Bioinformatician 

  • Medical Writer 

  • Project Manager, R&D 


Building Long-Term Partnerships 


We want to ensure that our clients' staffing needs are successfully met with the best candidates so that they keep coming back to Splitle for their hiring needs. At the same time, we provide our recruiters with continuous opportunities to earn commissions. 

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Seamless Onboarding Assistance

As your recruitment partner, we offer comprehensive onboarding support, ensuring that pharmaceutical candidates seamlessly transition into their roles, minimizing disruption. Browse our pharma job listings now and reach out to us for expert support. 

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