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10 Recruitment Best Practices 2023

Updated: 5 days ago

What have we covered:

  • Introduction to Recruitment Best Practices

  • What is Recruitment process?

  • Why Diversity hiring is important?

  • Benefits of having a website for your business

  • Building talent pools

  • Create engaging Job Advertisements

  • Leveraging social media for Recruitment

  • Building relationships

  • Normalizing Remote, Hybrid and Flex work

  • ATS system for Recruiting

  • Recognizing the importance of Data-driven recruiting

  • Creating an employee referral program

  • Wrapping it up…

  • FAQs

10 Recruitment Best Practices

Introduction to Recruitment Best Practices

According to a survey, 40 million people have quit their job since the end of April 2021 in the hope that they will find a better job. So, if you are unable to find your right candidate, you might want to re-think your recruitment best practices.

We all know that recruitment is not an easy task. And when we finally talk about it, we are all aware about the difficulties that follow with it. Given that the 21st century has witnessed modernity to greater heights, it is essential that we utilize these modern tools to support our recruitment journey.

This blog discusses all that you would ever need to step into the new age recruitment. So hang on!

Introduction to Recruitment Best Practices

What is Recruitment process?

Recruitment process is how exactly hiring takes place. Today, we look much beyond just resumes and portfolios; we strive to make recruiting as effortless as possible. This makes our recruiting effortless and precise. And also helps us to find right candidate for our organization.

Recruitment also ensures that our organization is run by a good workforce, who have optimum skill set and mindset to take it forward.

Why diversity hiring is the key?

Why Diversity hiring is important?

The hot top of the year- Diversity. It is more than just a word when it comes to hiring.

An organization which believes in diversity, thrives on skills, talent, ideas and creativity.

Diversity is a necessity today. And the corporates who have embraced it well, have sky rocketing outcomes. Diversity also ensures that everyone gets the chance to represent their thought process. We learn, explore and grow with a diverse workforce.

Benefits of having a website for your business

Websites are the first doorway to your organization. Websites provide a single platform for employees who are eager to know about you.

In fact, a research states that 6 out of 10 clients look forward to find some content online about brands.

Companies who have a well-developed website have a better reach to the customers indirectly. Your online presence determines your credibility and builds a good customer insight that will help you in the long run. So, invest in your websites and get ahead with recruitment.

Building talent pools

A talent pool is like a database of your best talents. It is like a collection of your very own potential employee profiles that can save you any day, not only in the terms of money but also your valuable time. This pool basically contains your list of candidates that are under your consideration in the near future.

But where do you find such candidates? Here’s a list of sources potential sources you could find:

  • Links from career events

  • Sources from your recruiting team

  • A waiting list you may want to re-engage with

  • Candidates who are a good fit, but their vacancies are not available at the moment.

Creating engaging job advertisements

Create engaging Job Advertisements

Advertisements have their own significance when it comes to sales. The same goes for hiring as well. Remarkable job advertisements ensure your call is boosted volumes to reach to a wider scale of interested employees.

It will also ensure a good pool of candidates reach out to you, which will indirectly help you to have a wider option to hire from. So, investment in engaging job advertisements is a necessity.

Leveraging Social Media for Recruitment

Leveraging Social Media for Recruitment

Social media has proven to be one of the fastest and the easiest way to hire good potential employees. Leveraging social media for recruitment not only increases your brand recognition, but is also cost effective. Websites like linkedIn, facebook, instagram and twitter have found their way into the recruitment industry pretty well.

Building relationships

They say no interaction is left untouched. Engaging personally with individuals is beneficial as it will make them feel a personal connection with you. These interactions are short but effective and may prove to be a life saver in the near future. It is like a step further into the recruitment industry.

Stats for Flexible Work

Normalizing Remote, Hybrid and Flex work

Since the pandemic happened, workspace have developed to several folds. Remote, Hybrid and Flex working is the new workaholic anthem and recruiters need to understand that. Attracting better employees require a non-traditional lookout to profession and normalizing remote, hybrid and flex working makes it possible.

ATS system for Recruiting

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. It is a streamline process of new age recruiting. Maximizing talent and making the recruitment process easier are some of its motto.

According to a survey, 78% of recruiters have confirmed that using ATS has improved their candidates’ quality.

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Recognizing the importance of Data-driven recruiting

Data drives recruitment. Data-driven recruiting takes shorter time to hire and it also makes a better use of your resources.

Data-driven recruiting helps you in: -

  • Rewarding your budget

  • Staying diverse

  • Increasing efficiency

  • & Increasing productivity

Creating an employee referral program

Employee referral program is a recruitment strategy which encourages current employees to source in qualified candidates. Employers offer exciting rewards or incentives in these employee referral program.

How to make employee referral programs effective?

  • Keep your employees updated.

  • Acknowledge good referrers.

  • Explain job requirements.

  • Offer a mix of good incentives and rewards.

Wrapping it up…

Nonetheless, recruitment is not an easy process. But with recruitment best practices it can be made easy.

We live in trying times, but as we say, the show must go on, and so does our recruitment journey.

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Recruit smarter, not harder!


1. What is recruitment strategy?

A recruitment strategy is a plan or approach that an organization develops to attract, identify, and hire the most qualified candidates for job openings within the company.

2. What are the Recruitment Best Practices of 2023?

Employee referrals, talent pools, leveraging social media, utilizing websites, ATS system hiring are some of the best recruitment practices of 2023.

3. How can we create an effective employee referral program?

We can create an effective employee referral program by: -

  • Keep your employees updated

  • Acknowledge good referrers

  • Explain job requirements

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