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Earn Money by Referring Candidates to Job Opportunities

It’s simple - browse requirements, refer candidates and get paid about $ 4,000-20,000 as commissions for successful placements. 

Join, Refer & Earn at Home!

Make money by referring candidates to the job opportunities listed on Splitle. You can earn from the comfort of your home with this side hustle in just 4 steps.

Sign Up

Create your account on Splitle in some quick and easy steps

Browse Jobs

Check out a list of job opportunities across various industries



Refer candidates that match the requirements for these positions 


Enjoy 4k-20k USD commissions when the referred candidates hired 

Am I Eligible To Join Splitle?

If you are a recruiter looking for a side hustle to increase your earnings and make $4k-$20k from a side income source, Splitle is for you


If you are a full-time/part-time employed recruiter.

You could be an independent/freelance recruiter.

Specializing in any type of recruitment/niche.

Recruiters looking to work remotely and flexibly.

Starting your career in recruitment.

Recruiters across the world. 

Any age between 21-65 years old.

A Perfect Side Hustle for Recruiters

With an average payout of 4,000 to 20,000 USD Splitle is a perfect platform for recruiters to earn an additional income,


Increase In Earnings 


Jobs Posted Everyday


Recruiters Already Joined

A Smarter Way For Recruiters to Earn


Huge Number of Opportunities

A vast array of job opportunities across various industries. 


Easy Tracking Through Dashboard

Your personalized dashboard where you can track the candidates you have submitted and your earnings.


Independent & Flexible Working

Independent and flexible working, work for as many hours as you like, from wherever you like.

Browse A Wide Range of Job Opportunities

Whether you have a niche or not, you can browse through thousands of job openings in various industries and across different levels and start referring candidates. 

Work On Your Own Terms, From Anywhere

You can work on Splitle from your home or from anywhere in the world, according to your time and comfort. Enjoy flexibility as a freelancing recruiter. 

  • What is Splitle?
    Splitle is a groundbreaking recruiting platform that empowers freelance recruiters to browse through job opportunities, refer candidates, and earn commissions when their referred candidates are successfully hired. It is a flexible and rewarding space for recruiters.
  • How does Splitle work as a recruiting network?
    Splitle operates as a dynamic recruiting network that offers a freelance opportunity for recruiters. Recruiters work as freelancers on the platform, browsing jobs and referring candidates. Earn up to 65% commissions when your referred candidates get hired.
  • Does Splitle provide access to any resume database tools or sourcing tools?
    Splitle does not provide any resume database tools or sourcing tools directly. However, we offer a comprehensive knowledge base and a help center exclusively for recruiters. Recruiters can access valuable resources such as informative videos, take courses, and expert guides to enhance their sourcing skills and find the perfect candidates for the job.
  • What is the ratio of the commissions offered by Splitle?
    At Splitle you can get more than 50% commissions as freelance recruiters. For certain niche roles you can earn upto 65% of the commissions. The commissions vary according to the roles and time sensitivity. You can check each detail on the job board.
  • What is the warranty period of the roles?
    We offer our clients a 60-day warranty period by default. However, in certain situations, our clients may request that to be extended up to120 days.
  • When do the Splitle independent recruiters get paid?
    After your candidate is successfully placed, Splitle gets paid after the warranty period. So,the payout to the recruiters in our recruiting network is made within 10 daysof the time we receive the payment.
  • Who is eligible to work at Splitle?
    All recruiters are eligible to work atSplitle. No matter what your current employment type may be, Splitle is anemploying network where recruiters can work independently and have flexibility to build a side hustle for themselves.
  • What factors determine whether a contract worker becomes a permanent employee?
    The decision of whether to convert a contract worker to a permanent employee is based on several factors, including the individual's performance, the availability of permanent job openings, budget considerations, and the terms of the employment contract. Ultimately, it is the decision of the employer.
  • Does the commission structure change if I am a recruiter representing a company?
    No, the commission structure remains consistent whether you are an independent recruiter or representing a company. The commission offered for jobs is determined based on factors such as the job description, salary, and other relevant parameters. This standardized approach ensures fairness and equality in commission rates for all recruiters, regardless of their affiliation.
  • How do I sign up as a freelance recruiter on Splitle?
    Signing up as a freelance recruiter on Splitle is quick and easy. Simply click on the "Sign Up" button. Fill in the required details, and you'll be ready to start exploring open opportunities and referring candidates.
  • How much commission can I earn per successful placement?
    As a freelance recruiter on Splitle, your earning potential is significant. You can earn anywhere between $8,000 and $20,000 per successful placement, depending on the position and requirements.
  • Are there any limits to the number of referrals I can make?
    There are no limits to the number of referrals you can make. The more successful referrals you bring to Splitle, the more rewards you unlock. So go ahead and tap into your network to maximize your earning potential.
  • How do I claim my rewards for successful referrals?
    Once your referred recruiters successfully place candidates and earn commissions, your rewards will be credited to your Splitle account.
  • Can I combine the extra 5% commission with other referral rewards?
    Absolutely! The extra 5% commission you earn by adding Splitle to your LinkedIn profile can be combined with other referral rewards. This means you can enjoy multiple earning opportunities and maximize your overall income.
  • How do I update my LinkedIn profile to showcase my association with Splitle?
    Updating your LinkedIn profile is simple. Go to the work experience section of your profile, add Splitle as your current workplace, you can mention that you are working as a freelance recruiter with us. This will help highlight your affiliation and enable you to earn an extra 5% commission.
  • How are commissions calculated for freelance recruiters on Splitle?
    Commissions are a percentage of the total fees that Splitle receives when a candidate gets successfully placed with our client. If your referred candidate gets hired by the client, you earn the commissions. All jobs on Splitle are time-sensitive, so the percentage of commissions offered on the job is subject to change based on the number of days since the job was listed.
  • Do commissions vary depending on the type of job placements?
    Yes, commissions can vary based on the complexity and level of the job placement. Roles that require specialized skills or are at a higher organizational level may come with a different commission rate. You can check the commission for each job while exploring the job details.
  • When is commission paid out to recruiters?
    After your candidate is successfully placed, Splitle gets paid after the warranty period. So, the payout to the recruiters in our recruiting network is made within 10 of the time we receive the payment.
  • How can I track my commissions and earnings?
    Splitleprovides a comprehensive recruiter dashboard where you can monitor your placements, commissions, and earnings. This dashboard offers real-time insights into your performance, total commissions earned, as well as other details related to your progress.
  • Are there any additional bonuses or rewards for recruiters?
    Yes, we have 2 additionalmethods for recruiters to earn an extra commission.You can earn an extra 5% commission just by mentioning that you are working as a freelance recruiter with us in your LinkedIn work experience section.Additionally, you can also refer your recruiter friends to our platform and earn. For more details -
  • Can I negotiate my commission?
    The commission determinedbased on predefined criteria. Negotiation of commission rates may not be possible, as to earn more commission, you must make more successful placements. However, focusing on improving your performance will naturally lead to increased hires. You can get some valuable tips, videos, and articles by visiting our help center.
  • How can I get in touch with Splitle's support for commission-related queries?
    For any questions or concerns about commissions, you can reach out to Splitle'sdedicated support team at

Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

Discover why recruiters and clients alike are raving about our platform's ability to enhance their recruiting efforts and drive success.



I referred few Candidates for jobs in my niche and I was able to make 50% more than what i used to make


Thanks Splitle!



As a freelance recruiter I keep looking for new jobs to make money & Splite has given me the Opportunity



On Splitle for weeks, already seeing great results. Simple platform.

Excellent Jobs!



By freelancing with Splitle from past 1 week I have already made $15,000 from just 2 hires



Splitle opened doors to quality job opportunities and boosted my income through referrals.

It’s a game changer!



I referred few Candidates for jobs in my niche and I was able to make 50% more than what i used to make


Thanks Splitle!

Refer & Earn

Refer recruiters in your network to join our platform & sign up to earn exciting rewards on their first candidate placement! 

The more successful referrals you make, the more you can earn.

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