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Explore Jobs, Recruit, Earn Commissions in New Mexico. Easy!

Connect with skilled recruiters and bright clients in New Mexico on our dynamic platform. Bridge the talent gap and redefine recruitment excellence with us. Join now!


Finding the right candidates in New Mexico can be hard!

• Recruiting through social media is time-consuming and inefficient.

• A limited number of qualified candidates.

• Difficult tasks can be time-consuming and stressful.

• Poor time management and credibility can result in financial losses.

Hurdles in the Recruitment Journey in New Mexico

• Affordable education is a challenge in New Mexico, impacting skill development and job opportunities.

• Demographics impact job opportunities and skill training in New Mexico.

• Recessions and industry-specific downturns impact New Mexico's economy.

Splitle is your perfect side hustle!

Upto 65% Commission

We reward you with commissions on every hire

Explore our job board

Our easy-to-use job board makes it clear for every recruiter to explore jobs 

Believe in transparency

Check the commissions offered on each job, right at your fingertips. 

Perfect Side hustle

Work on your own terms, from wherever you like. 

Features of Splitle

Unlock success with our hiring solutions! Enjoy commissions, referral benefits, and flexible working plans. Grow your workforce experience with us today. 

Commissions on Every Hire!

Splitle offers commission on every candidate hired. We ensure a transparent process, competitive commissions and seamless payouts. It's both rewarding and hassle-free.

Your Search For Perfect Candidate Ends Here.


Finding qualified candidates is simpler when multiple recruiters are working in the same jobs.

Here, you will find several recruiters who specialize in your job, unlike social media platforms where job postings may get lost in a sea of data.

With high time efficiency, you earn rewards of upto $20,000.

Refer & Earn

Refer recruiters in your network to our platform and sign up to receive exciting rewards on their first candidate placement.  

The more successful referrals you make, the more you earn & this doesn’t end here.  With us, you earn 5% of all commissions the newly referred clients will earn. 
And in return the newly referred customers will earn an additional $500 in their first closure! 

Refer & Earn.webp

Customized Solutions Across Industries

Splitle connects talent across various industries.

Splitle connects around the Globe!

We welcome Recruiters from across the borders. Connect with us on this global journey where recruitment unleashes effortlessly.

Frequently asked questions

What is Splitle?

Using the ground-breaking recruiting platform Splitle, independent recruiters can search through job openings, recommend candidates, and get paid when those candidates are hired. For recruiters, it's a rewarding and adaptable environment. 

Who is eligible to work at Splitle?

Splittle offers employment to all recruiters. Splitle is an employment network where recruiters can work independently and have flexibility to build a side hustle for themselves, regardless of the type of employment they may have at the moment.

How can I track my commissions and earnings?

Splitle's recruiter dashboard enables real-time tracking of placements, commissions, and revenue, offering insights into performance and development.

How can I get in touch with Splitle's support for commission-related queries? 

For any questions or concerns about commissions, you can reach out to Splitle's dedicated support team at

I live in New Mexico, can I work with you?

Of course! Splitle is a platform for recruiters from a wide area around the globe. You can explore our website and connect with our dedicated team to know more. 

Any additional bonuses or rewards for recruiters?

Recruiters can earn extra by adding a note in LinkedIn about freelance work with us (5% commission) and by referring friends to our platform for pay Visit for more information.

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